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** Prices do not reflect law enforcement or military discounts** 


Model 512.A65 (AA)


Model 512.LBC (AA) w visible laser


Model 552.A65 (AA & NV compatible)


Model 552.LBC2 - IR and visible laser

(AA & NV compatible)


Model LBC - visible laser

(AA, fits all 512/552 models)


Model LBC2 - IR and visible laser

(AA, NV compatible, fits all 512/552 models)


** Prices do not reflect law enforcement or military discounts**


Other models to choose from


Model X320 THERMAL


The Model X320™ delivers advanced thermal imaging technology. It’s ideal for hunting, surveillance, reconnaissance and first response. The X320 offers greater scene detail with 320 x 240 resolution and features a video port for simultaneous recording. This device is small enough to easily stow in your pocket and provides exceptional clarity, sharpness and overall image quality. It’s perfect for challenging weather conditions like dust, smoke or complete darkness. 

  • Available in 30 Hz

  • Detects human activity 800 yards away

  • 2x, 3x, or 4x zoom

  • White hot, black hot and 3 color modes

  • Video port for simultaneous recording

  • Customizable camera features with provided user interface software

  • Up to 6 hours run time with 2 AA lithium batteries (The X320 can operate on Alkaline batteries but performance and battery life may be inconsistent).




** Prices do not reflect law enforcement or military discounts**


Sight covers/ protectors



Features and Benefits:

  • Instant target acquisition 

  • Comes with standard reticle A65

  • Tubeless design gives unlimited field of view 

  • Eye relief of 1/2" to 10 feet 

  • No light cast on target 

  • Waterproof/Fogproof 

  • 20 brightness settings 

  • Fits standard Weaver style base 

  • Ideal for handguns, shotguns, and rifles


EOTech uses the same technology in "heads up" target aquisition in fighter aircraft.

 Click Here to view a quicktime video demonstration of the HOLOsight 
(1 megabyte in size, approximately 10 minutes at 28.8k).

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