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Outback-II: Now with non-galling Titanium thread insert!

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The Outback-II is a highly advanced thread mounting .22LR caliber suppressor adaptable to virtually all .22LR rifles and pistols. For its size, the Outback-II has the highest reduction dry with the lowest first round "pop" in the industry, and it outperforms most significantly larger units.

Constructed of 100% high tensile strength aluminum alloys, it is finished in an attractive matte hard anodize finish. The Outback-II is engineered so that there is no need to disassemble for maintenance.

This unit interfaces well with virtually any .22LR weapon which can have the barrel externally threaded 1/2x28(2A); it is usable on pistols as well as a wide variety of .22 rimfire rifles. Since mounting to the firearm is accomplished by attachment to muzzle threads, the suppressor can be quickly removed, returning the firearm to its original appearance and use in non-suppressed shooting requirements. Thread adapters for the Walther P22 and 3/8x24 are available.

Factoring cost, size, weight, and performance, the Outback-II is the highest value available in a .22LR suppressor!

As with most Gemtech suppressors, the Outback-II is designed to operate dry with no messy artificial environment. Upgrades of the original Outback to theOutback-II configuration are available. Contact us by phone (208-939-7222) for details.


• Significant reduction of first round pop
  • No wipes, grease, oil, water, or replaceable parts
  • 100% high tensile strength aluminum alloys
  • Black matte anodize finish standard
  • Standard 1/2x28 threads
  • Light weight (2.5 ounces)
  • Mount on any threaded barrel
  • NEW: Titanium thread insert cannot gall on barrel threads like stainless steel inserts — no extra cost (patent pending)



Length -- 5 inches (128mm)

Diameter -- 1 inch (25mm) 

Weight -- 2.5 ounces (71 gm)

Materials -- Aluminum with Titanium threads

Finish -- Matte Black Anodize

Thread -- 1/2x28

List Price -- email Arnold:

Upgrade from original Outback 


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Hornady's hottest rimfire cartridge, the .17 HMR, drives a 17 grain projectile at over 2,500 fps — and unfortunately also produces an ear-splitting 156dB noise. This cartridge has overnight become one of the most popular small varmint hunting cartridges. And while some competing manufacturers may try to quiet it down by selling you a .22 caliber suppressor not optimized or stressed for this round, Gemtech has engineered it's HMR suppressor from the ground up especially for it. It is 100% stainless steel, and provides OSHA-safe hearing protection in a package only 7/8" in diameter and 5 inches long. The muzzle blast is reduced to a level far below the sound of the bullet in flight! Now you can shoot all day long with no possibility of hearing damage.

The HMR suppressor attaches to the rifle by standard 1/2x28 (class 2A) threads. We can thread most barrels, or your gunsmith may follow our instructions and thread it locally.


Accuracy of the weapon remains outstanding with the HMR suppressor attached as is shown in the target below. This target was shot at 100 yards with a standard Ruger 77/17 using the factory barrel, the HMR suppressor, and Hornady .17HMR ammunition..


Physical Specifications:


Caliber -- .17HMR and .17HM2 

O.A. Length -- 5 inch (127 mm)

Diameter -- 7/8 inch (22 mm)

Weight -- 5 ounces (142 gm)

Materials -- Corrosion resistant stainless steels

Mount -- 1/2x28(2A) Threads

List Price email Arnold:

Copyright © 2005 Gemini Technologies, Inc.



Seahunter-P22-cat photo.jpg

The SEAHUNTER is the latest in a series of innovative suppressors for the ever popular .22LR cartridge. It pushes the envelope of current sonic performance and incorporates an industry first: a quick-detach, thread-free mount patented by GSL Technology, Inc. (Patent No. 5,685,102).

With a simple muzzle adapter, most .22LR firearms can be adapted to accept the SEAHUNTER mount, providing universal quick mounting capabilities without the use of threads. The SEAHUNTER is especially valuable when on weapons where the suppressor must be repeatedly removed and replaced, such as .22LR rifles with a tubular magazine below the barrel. There are no exposed threads with the SEAHUNTER system.

The SEAHUNTER is manufactured from titanium and high tensile strength aluminum alloys. The mounts are manufactured from heat treated stainless steel alloys. Each SEAHUNTER suppressor includes one mount with 1/2x28 threads. Extra mounts are available separately.

The SEAHUNTER achieves its rated performance absolutely dry with no necessity for messy coolants.

Mounts are available in a variety of common threads used on .22LR weapons, primarily 1/2x28 (2A)


Physical Specifications:


Caliber -- .22LR

O.A. Length -- 6 inches (152 mm)

Diameter -- 1 inch (25 mm)

Weight --  4-1/2 ounces (240 gm)

Materials -- Titanium

Finish -- Natural

Extra Mounts 

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