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The all new UMP suppressor for the HK UMP submachine gun significantly outperforms all other entries for this weapon system. Designed and engineered specifically for this weapon platform, the new Posi-Lock quick detach mount (patent pending) is simple to operate. Once locked in place, it cannot inadvertently open.

Available now from inventory, it is the quietest dedicated suppressor available for the increasingly popular HK .45 UMP submachine gun.

Scheduled for introduction in the third quarter of 2006 is the UMP-40 for the increasingly popular HK UMP submachine gun chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge.


Physical Specifications:


Caliber -- .45

Overall Length -- 9.25 in (235 mm)

Diameter (body/sleeve) -- .5 in (380 mm)

Weight -- 12.3 oz (350 gm)

Materials -- High tensile strength aluminum

Finish -- Matte Black Anodize


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The Trinity System suppressor is a new concept in suppressor design featuring a 9mm suppression module with interchangeable adapters for use with many different firearms, including 9mm, .380, and even .22LR. The auxiliary adapter mounts can be installed in the field to maximize versatility. It is designed to achieve full suppression potential absolutely dry without resorting to the use of performance boosters such as oil, water, grease, or other artificial environment technologies. It is the most compact and lightweight dry sound suppressor available for the 9mm semi-auto pistol.

The Trinity suppressor can be ordered with a variety of mounting systems:


THREAD MOUNT: The thread mounting version provides reliable cycling with the M9, SIG P226, and fixed barrel pistols. The standard threaded endcap is available threaded 1/2x28 or M13.5x1. On special order, a steel endcap is available threaded 1/2x36 for the Colt 9mm submachine gun. The 1/2x28 threaded endcap is now available with a non-galling titanium thread insert.


L.I.D (Linear Inertial Decoupler.: The L.I.D. mount (patent pending) enhances cycling on Browning Design pistols by providing increased recoil impulse. It is generally required on Glock pistols and is available threaded 1/2x28 as well as M13.5x1.


3-LUG: The TRINITY-3-LUG uses the patented Gemtech 3-lug mounting system for the H&K MP5. Gemtech can modify other 9mm firearms to the 3-lug configuration (AR15, M16, Uzi, MAC, etc.). 


TALON: The TALON features a correct flat-top upper receiver for the Colt 635 9mm M16 submachine gun with a non-ported 5 inch barrel and a full rail-type handguard for mounting optical sights and other tactical accessories. The non-ported barrel delivers full terminal ballistics expected from the 9mm cartridge utilizing the popular 147 grain projectiles. 

Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloys, this unit does not utilize any bore obstructing "wipes" or mesh. The advanced baffle design creates remarkable performance absolutely dry. This device is an exceptionally effective tool for tactical users. A small amount of light oil is suggested for use in explosive atmospheres. All maintenance requirements can be performed without disassembly of the suppressor module. The instruction manual details the necessary maintenance on the L.I.D. mount as well as the Tri-Lock mount for 3-lug barrels. 

The Trinity suppressor replaces the Vortex-9 suppressor. Other Trinity configurations are under development. 


Physical Specifications:


Caliber -- 9mm

Overall Length -- 6.5 inch (168 mm)

Diameter -- 1.25 inch (31 mm)

Weight -- 5.6 ounces (160 gm)

Construction Materials -- Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Standard Finish -- Matte Black Anodize


BARREL NOTES: In the thread mounting configuration, the existing Beretta M9 barrel can be threaded. All other weapons will require that the customer supply an extended barrel. Gemtech can thread any barrel for a nominal fee.


Product Pricing:


List Price: (suppressor module only, requires mount)

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Mount Pricing:


Mount only: 1/2x28 thread 

Mount Only: 1/2x28 thread (Ti thread insert)

Mount only: 1/2x36 thread 

Mount Only: L.I.D. (Linear Inertial Decoupler) 

Mount Only: 3-Lug Tri-Lock 

Talon Upper Only without suppressor


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Copyright © 2005 Gemini Technologies, Inc.



The RAPTOR is a proven lightweight, compact, highly effective sound suppressor designed specifically for fully automatic fire in the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. The RAPTOR mounts directly on the H&K 3-lug barrel utilizing an improved Gemtech Tri-Lock™ (patented) quick detach mount.

There are no adverse effects on either the handling or accuracy of the weapon. The RAPTOR outperforms any comparably sized suppressor and many that are significantly larger and more expensive. It satisfies the demand for a small, lightweight tactical submachine gun suppressor. The lifespan has been proven to be in excess of 170,000 rounds.

The RAPTOR is truly a workhorse and the standard against which all MP5 suppressors are measured.  


Physical Specifications:


Caliber -- 9mm

O.A. Length (including Tri-Lock mount) -- 9 in (229 mm)

Diameter -- 1.37 in (35 mm)

Weight -- 10.5 oz (300 gm)

Materials -- Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloys

Finish -- Matte Black Anodize

List Price (w/Tri-Lock HK-MP5 Coupler) 

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Copyright © 2005 Gemini Technologies, Inc.



The current MOSSAD is designed specifically for both the full-sized UZI 9mm submachine gun and the Mini-UZI. It mounts on the existing barrel and simply replaces the barrel retaining nut. Precision cut ratchet teeth prevent unintentional unscrewing of the suppressor.

Weighing only 12 ounces and measuring 11 inches in length, this unit has no adverse effect on either the handling or accuracy of the weapon. The MOSSAD outperforms any comparable sized suppressor and many that are significantly larger and more expensive. It satisfies the demand for a small, light-weight tactical submachine gun suppressor.

The unit features precision CNC machined aluminum baffles in a hard black anodized body utilizing high structural strength aluminum alloys. As with all of our units, no wipes or mesh packings are used, and the suppressor is designed to operate absolutely dry. Cleaning can be accomplished by simple immersion in solvents.

While there are less expensive and larger units on the market, not achieve the same degree of performance in this size package.

Physical Specifications:


Caliber -- 9mm

O.A. Length -- 11 in (275 mm)

Diameter -- 1.375 in (35 mm) 

Weight -- 12 oz (340 gm)

Materials -- 100% Aluminum

Finish -- Matte Black Anodize

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Copyright © 2005 Gemini Technologies, Inc.

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